Meet Christina: Visionary founder of The Lodge Ronda

Meet Christina, the creative force behind The Lodge Ronda. In 2004, an unexpected opportunity arose when Christina assisted in the translation of a land sale, leading to the acquisition of 22 hectares of stunning land. This laid the foundation for The Lodge, a tranquil escape which harmonizes with its natural surroundings.

Can you share the story behind The Lodge’s creation?

In the early spring of 2004, during an unexpectedly fully booked period at our new hotel, La Fuente de LaHiguera, I received a call from the construction man who had built the hotel for us. He needed help translating as he wanted to sell his father’s land to an interested Dutch couple. Since he didn’t speak English, or Dutch, I gladly assisted.

Awestruck by the serene and stunningly beautiful location, I went home after translating; secretly hoping they wouldn’t buy it. My prayers were answered: they found the land too large for their requirements. It wasn’t long before the 22 hectares of virgin land were ours, and we were able to set about realizing our dream of creating a special place, a place with space, light, views and comfort, and a welcome addition to our hotel as a retreat for guests who want to share memories with more than the partner.
The project was completed in 2007 and up to this day, our guests seem to have the same common feeling I first had 20 years ago: “how wonderfully peaceful!”

Can you highlight some of the most rewarding moments you have experienced in managing The Lodge?

One of the most rewarding moments, certainly among the most memorable, was the day we received our first guests. And of course, all the people we were able to make happy are my very biggest rewards, for which I am hugely grateful.

What do you believe sets The Lodge apart from other accommodation in the area?

The extraordinary situation, the peace, the architecture, the art; incidentally, for me, the special feature of TheLodge is the patio with the cupola and the water. We strive to give guests a special stay, a wonderful experience and, with the pampering and concierge service we provide, an unparalleled opportunity to unwind and completely relax.
Are there any sustainability practices that the lodge supports?
Sustainability practices include no pesticides, organic produce, local sourcing (still waiting for investment for solar energy), and social contributions to the community. The people we work with are essential to our sustainable approach.

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Our dedicated team excels in curating experiences and facilitating a range of different events and occasions.

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