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Each member of our team is a testament to our commitment to hospitality, ensuring that your stay is not just a visit, but a connection with the warmth and dedication that define The Lodge Ronda.
Discover the personalities that shape your experience and learn about the genuine passion that fuels their commitment to making your stay exceptional.
Welcome to the heart of our hospitality – meet the team that turns moments into memories.

House Manager


Hello, my name is Javier Barea, your Lodge Manager.

The Lodge Ronda is a very peaceful place on this planet and am happy to be your host.
With a 15 year-background shaped at our parent the “Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera,” at 7km from the Lodge, it is my aim to help you having the most wonderful time together with your friends and family.

From welcoming you and your guests to securing reservations at local attractions to arranging visits to wineries, or olive-presses for wine-or olive-oil tastings, horseback riding, transportation, personalized day-trips to the beach, Seville, Córdoba or Granada, pilates or yoga sessions, fantastic massages, or seamless transportation; I am happy to arrange some- or all of these – for you.Working alongside our dedicated team, we all have one wish in common, to make our guests as happy as can be.
Looking forward to welcoming you to The Lodge Ronda!


The parents of The Lodge

Pepi & David


We are Pepi and David and we feel like ‘the parents’ of the lodge who protect and do things with love. Working in a good environment, good colleagues, a beautiful place that gives you so much inner calm to disconnect. What more could we ask for… just thank everyone who made us happy, THANK YOU! For making us part of THE LODGE. 

Pepi and David

Get in touch

Our guests indulge in the extraordinary by reserving the entire property for an lovely holiday, a private event, or as a location and base for film and photography to help turn fellow travellers into friends.
Our dedicated team excels in curating experiences and facilitating a range of different events and occasions.

For enquiries, contact us at +34 607 596 060 or seize the moment and book now.

Traveling with a small group?

No problem, our luxury rural house adapts to your needs.

Enjoy The Lodge Ronda with a capacity for 6 people, using 3 of our comfortable and elegant bedrooms.

Discover the special rates for 6 people and experience a unique getaway in the heart of nature!

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