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Life at the Lodge

Who could better speak about the Lodge than our guests: These reviews might give you an idea of what you could feel on your return after a great holiday: 

"I want to extend my personal thanks to all of you, speaking on behalf of my entire party. I am unable to convey how wonderful our stay at The Lodge Ronda was. We are all experienced travellers but none of us have ever had such a lovely and relaxed vacation. As I tried to make clear in my review a great deal of that is due to the staff, who are all very gracious, friendly and patient.

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The meals are lovely and it is an added plus that the chefs try to accomodate your wishes in terms of types of food as well as time for the meals. The dinners are especially distinctive, and the setting couldn't be nicer --there are two possible outdoor areas for meals and both have views and lovely breezes. I celebrated my 50th birthday there and they laid a beautiful table and even baked me a cake! We ate, we drank, we had a fabulous time...it was everything a dining experience should be.

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Service: I have to go off the scale on service. Such wonderful, gracious people! The friendly and patient staff are part of what makes The Lodge such a wonderful experience. You practically have your own concierge service at the hotel, and Javi and others couldn't have been more helpful and kind. Every phone call began with "Is everything OK? Are you having a good time?" I and my guests felt completely taken care of, and we weren't an especially easy party: we had young children in tow, some of us didn't speak Spanish, and the hostess (me) was a little nervous and anxious about her guests having a good time. But the staff were endlessly patient and did everything they could to create a special experience for us. So wonderful!
We were there for a week and we wished it could have been a month. A very, very special place.

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There are two possible outdoor areas for meals and both have views and lovely breezes. 

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A Heartwarming Experience

I wanted to say a big thank you to the whole team for making Clare's 40th birthday celebrations so much fun at the Lodge and so memorable for us both as hosts.  Yes, the stunning place, clever lodge design, open fire, magnificent garden views, tranquility, groaning fridge, delicious food are all important parts of that recipe but - like the ham in the sandwich - the most important ingredient was you and your team.

From Clare's calls with Pom and our first handshake with Javier onwards, your team's collective humor, humanity and charm immediately won us and everybody else over and created an aura of relaxation that lasted our entire stay.

One thing I neglected to include in the review is how interesting the interior design of the house is. So ecclectic and elegant. We especially loved the art...I have several photographs of the house that I've printed out and am keeping for inspiration for my own home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my 50th birthday so special and so memorable. We are all missing our little Lodge very much!

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The lovely ladies in the lodge kitchen supplied many laughs and also outstanding food from dawn until well after dusk.  Nothing was ever a problem for them or and it was inconceivable there could ever be one for us no matter how often Christina asked her 5 questions!


You might have guessed from the leg of ham we were 'gifted' that our party comprised some of the greediest food-loving people we know.  Everyone who stayed with us raved about the food and the paella and veal will stay in the memory for a very long time.

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Pepi and David made us so welcome and were terrific company; they treated us gently at breakfast-time and ensured the coffee machine kept us fuelled to survive the long Spanish hours we put in around the dining table.  Reassuringly, whenever I apologized to David for the previous evening's bottle count he would always smile my concern away with a dismissive "Poco!".

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Such a wonderful and relaxing experience is no accident and having run several corporate hospitality events myself I appreciate that such well-oiled teamwork and attention to detail depends on exceptional leadership and employing very special people.  So finally, I wanted to send much love and thanks to you both for taking so much time to get to know what would make us happy and seriously over-delivering on all of our over-excited and probably very spoilt expectations:  You are all expert manufacturers of extreme happiness!  

With sincere thanks to everyone at the Lodge and Hotel for looking after us so superbly at the end of a long season.